We are committed to ensuring the safety of all stakeholders and as such our team comprises Quality, Occupational Health and Safety experts, members of the Council of Registered Engineers in Nigeria (COREN) on our team, and also other industry-certified personnel on our team. We aim to ensure that all our project sites are safety compliant. We have a collective commitment to operate sustainably and safely wherever we operate.

Our Services

Solar Mini Grid

We proudly serve our communities by building efficinecy and durable Solar mini Grid to serve the rural community and places where there are deficiency of power.

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Construction Management

We are committed to setting the highest standards of service and performance in the construction industry. We understand this can only be achieved by bringing together a team of dedicated construction professionals and uniquely talented individuals with one common goal- a successful project. Our mission and vision are built around the goal of delivering the very best solutions and results for our clients.

As an organization, we love to build and are passionate about executing projects from start to finish. Knowing that the construction process can be overwhelming, we serve as client advocates through the entire process

to ensure a successful project. As advocates, we define client project teams based upon their specific needs. This approach allows us to provide expertise across multiple disciplines and leverage our capabilities to achieve our client’s goals.

Beginning with preconstruction, we translate the client’s vision into a detailed plan that will deliver the greatest results. With this as our foundation, we develop a construction schedule and provide flawless execution to ensure that every stage of the process meets the client’s objectives.

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Our steadfast commitment to leadership, accountability, and building trusting relationships at every level has made us one of the nation leading design build firms.

When we lead a project, we work with our partners as one unit, focused on achieving the client’s vision and mission for the project. Our outstanding reputation and proven expertise enables us to partner with innovative firms that share our values and our client’s values.

We employ committed partnering philosophy between our design team and subcontractors on every design-build project; we have consistently been successful in providing cost effective and high-quality construction that delivers the best value for clients.

The teams we assemble are focused on the singular goal of achieving the client’s mission and vision for the project. This streamlined, integrative, and collaborative approach creates efficiencies in the design and budget process. We lead all partners as one team, with openness and transparency to bring better solutions and better value. Collaboratively driven processes mean that owners can make fully informed decisions with confidence.

Over the years, we have demonstrated our commitment to implementing the best construction practices and sustainable features through a proven track record of delivering high-quality design build projects across multiple sectors.

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Pre Construction

As true builders, we are the client’s partner in transforming their vision and mission into reality through delivering comprehensive preconstruction services towards attaining our primary goal.

At RKK Inspire Service Limited, preconstruction is not just about numbers and pricing a set of drawings. We have created an environment that fosters collaboration and encourages the engagement of each and every project team member. This environment facilitates confident, informed decisions throughout every step of the preconstruction phase of a project. Our process integrates the collective intellect of the client, designers and the construction management teams to create

efficiencies, build certainty in pricing, ensure a consistent direction, and ultimately add value to the overall project.

Our goal is to organize, analyze, and translate information in a method that brings certainty to project scope, project cost and project schedule. This minimizes risk, eliminates design conflicts and lowers the project cost for the owner.

Our innovative approach to preconstruction allows us to deliver on every promise we make and provide our clients with not only an exceptional project but an exceptional experience as well.

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Quality Assurance

We are committed to quality; it is a natural outgrowth of the integrity that serves as a foundation for our company. Our passion for superior expertise and our dedication to honest and ethical practices drives each employee to excel at each and every stage of construction.

Our Quality Control Program is a methodical approach that begins in preconstruction with detailed construct-ability reviews, and carries through the building process to the completion of the project. Each stage of building is interconnected, and our systematic project approach ensures that all work meets the highest standards of excellence. Consistent monitoring of quality throughout the

building process delivers a better end product and delivers it faster.

During construction an on-site quality control manager works in tandem with the project management team to ensure that all work meets both the firm and industry-specific standards of quality. During construction of a specific trade’s scope of work, inspections are performed to ensure that quality concerns are corrected early and quickly. Final quality control sign-offs must be completed by each trade for every definable feature within their scope of work.

We are built to achieve quality, and committed to the highest standards for every client.

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General Supply

We are into import and export ….

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About us

We are a registered company under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria established in November 2008. For the past 11 years, we have shown commitment towards improvement in our capacity building, expertise and business expansion, this has made our organization to be the preferred construction firm for numerous clients.
When projects are conceived, we help make the plans a reality by ensuring processes run efficiently, construction sites are safe and reliable materials are used. It goes without saying that safety is one of our key concerns at RKK Inspire Services. We have put a safety mechanism in place in order to deliver the ultimate quality service.



We strive for excellence in quality, and we continuously innovate, utilizing advanced technologies


We insist on mutual respect, cooperation and mutual encouragement to achieve each individual’s potential


We act with reliability, honesty and fairness


We are fully dedicated to delivering our objectives through the most efficient use of resources


We are committed to safeguarding all stakeholders, including especially the health and safety of our employees, society as a whole and the environment


We are fully accountable for carrying out our responsibilities in accordance to the values and principles of our organization.

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