OurAll-In-One solar lighting module, utilizes the latest technological breakthrough, made with Aluminiumalloy+steel glass,mono/poly- crystalline solar panels, LiFePO4/Li-ion power batteryandintelligent powermanagement chipstodeliverefficientand costeffective lighting solution.

Our All-In-One advanced solar lighting modules are compact, elegant integrated design, and easy to install system with PIR (Passive InfraRed motion sensor) for intelligent operation and security. The system is durable, IP65 standard waterproof, which can be deployed in a very harsh environment.


Our All-in-One solar light is built to withstand harsh weather conditions up to 60 degrees. It is a durable system with replaceableLifeP04/Lithium-ion battery 5 years life span.

Flexible and easy to deploy, no additional wiring needed.

Highly efficient Mono/Poly crystalline solar module, LED energy saving of lighting mode with 13 years life span

Equipped with PIR motion sensor, it can serve as deterrent to criminal elements providing additional security.


Our All-In-One solar lighting modules are perfect solution to illuminate your environment, Roads, Street, Office Complex, Airport, Factory, Perimeter Security, Campus, Courtyard, Park, Pathway, Parking Lot, Public square, Plaza Airfield, Farm & Ranch, Military Base e.t.c.

We have product ranges from 6000, 8000, 9600, and 10000 Lumens.