We are committed to quality; it is a natural outgrowth of the integrity that serves as a foundation for our company. Our passion for superior expertise and our dedication to honest and ethical practices drives each employee to excel at each and every stage of construction.

Our Quality Control Program is a methodical approach that begins in preconstruction with detailed construct-ability reviews, and carries through the building process to the completion of the project. Each stage of building is interconnected, and our systematic project approach ensures that all work meets the highest standards of excellence. Consistent monitoring of quality throughout the

building process delivers a better end product and delivers it faster.

During construction an on-site quality control manager works in tandem with the project management team to ensure that all work meets both the firm and industry-specific standards of quality. During construction of a specific trade’s scope of work, inspections are performed to ensure that quality concerns are corrected early and quickly. Final quality control sign-offs must be completed by each trade for every definable feature within their scope of work.

We are built to achieve quality, and committed to the highest standards for every client.


We are committed to setting the highest standards of service and performance in the construction industry. We understand this can only be achieved by bringing together a team of dedicated construction professionals and uniquely talented individuals with one common goal- a successful project. Our mission and vision are built around the goal of delivering the very best solutions and results for our clients.

As an organization, we love to build and are passionate about executing projects from start to finish. Knowing that the construction process can be overwhelming, we serve as client advocates through the entire process

to ensure a successful project. As advocates, we define client project teams based upon their specific needs. This approach allows us to provide expertise across multiple disciplines and leverage our capabilities to achieve our client’s goals.

Beginning with preconstruction, we translate the client’s vision into a detailed plan that will deliver the greatest results. With this as our foundation, we develop a construction schedule and provide flawless execution to ensure that every stage of the process meets the client’s objectives.


Our steadfast commitment to leadership, accountability, and building trusting relationships at every level has made us one of the nation leading design build firms.

When we lead a project, we work with our partners as one unit, focused on achieving the client’s vision and mission for the project. Our outstanding reputation and proven expertise enables us to partner with innovative firms that share our values and our client’s values.

We employ committed partnering philosophy between our design team and subcontractors on every design-build project; we have consistently been successful in providing cost-effective and high-quality construction that delivers the best value for clients.

The teams we assemble are focused on the singular goal of achieving the client’s mission and vision for the project. This streamlined, integrative, and collaborative approach creates efficiencies in the design and budget process. We lead all partners as one team, with openness and transparency to bring better solutions and better value. Collaboratively driven processes mean that owners can make fully informed decisions with confidence.

Over the years, we have demonstrated our commitment to implementing the best construction practices and sustainable features through a proven track record of delivering high-quality design-build projects across multiple sectors.


As true builders, we are the client’s partner in transforming their vision and mission into reality through delivering comprehensive preconstruction services towards attaining our primary goal.

At RKK Inspire Service Limited, preconstruction is not just about numbers and pricing a set of drawings. We have created an environment that fosters collaboration and encourages the engagement of each and every project team member. This environment facilitates confident, informed decisions throughout every step of the preconstruction phase of a project. Our process integrates the collective intellect of the client, designers and the construction management teams to create

efficiencies, build certainty in pricing, ensure a consistent direction, and ultimately add value to the overall project.

Our goal is to organize, analyze, and translate information in a method that brings certainty to project scope, project cost and project schedule. This minimizes risk, eliminates design conflicts and lowers the project cost for the owner.

Our innovative approach to preconstruction allows us to deliver on every promise we make and provide our clients with not only an exceptional project but an exceptional experience as well.

ICT, Software and Hardware

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At RKK Solarlight Limited, we have the perfect All-In-One solar lighting module. We utilize the latest technology and it is made with Aluminium alloy, steel glass, ono/poly-crystalline solar panels, LiFePO4/Li-ion power battery and intelligent power management chips to deliver efficient and cost effective lighting solutions.

Our All-In-One advanced solar lighting modules are designed to be a compact, elegant integrated design and an easy to install system with PIR (Passive Infrared motion sensor) for intelligent operation and security. The system is durable and certified IP65 standard waterproof, which can be deployed in very harsh environments.


At RKK Solarlight Limited, we carry out the installation of solar panel systems for homes, offices, and other locations. Our solar panels are easy to install and require minimal cabling during installation. The solar panels are installed on rooftops, which mean no new spaces need to be created for the panels to work optimally. Our solar panel systems have helped homes and organizations (including

government agencies) to generate their electricity with ease and significantly reduce power costs.

As part of our after-sales services, we conduct periodic maintenance checks on the solar panels to optimise efficiency and detect potential faults occasioned by wear and tear.


RKK Solarlight Limited’s team of experts offers technical advice to individuals and organizations (including government agencies) on the best sources of renewable energy. We identify their energy requirements and create customised strategies to meet these requirements in line with their budget.

Our expertise in providing renewable energy with cutting-edge technology enables us provide support to our clients in the design of high-quality solar solutions that meet their needs. We ensure our clients are able to generate sufficient energy required for efficient operations at a reasonable cost.


Our teams have expansive knowledge and experience in supply chain management. The certainty of supply requires thorough planning, realistic timetables, a reliable network of high-quality suppliers, and an understanding of the sourcing market. This expertise has given us leverage over other close competitors.

At RKK Solarlight Limited, we leverage our experience and long-term relationships which form the basis of our procurement strategy. Our in-depth knowledge of the market and our relationships with key suppliers allow us to

provide the best materials and services on time and within budget.

We have the relevant in-house resources to efficiently locate, evaluate, purchase, and arrange the transportation of materials and services to any project site. Our localized knowledge means our team is familiar with the market demands, customs and environmental regulations, permit and licensing requirements, and laws of the communities where we work. This is essential for expediting orders and quickly solving problems.


Beyond execution, our Stockbroking services are supported by our unrivaled research and market information database which form the basis of our investment advice to clients.

The loyalty of our individual and institutional clients over the years is based on our seamless and uncompromising delivery of best execution in terms of both price and timing.


We help clients manage funds by creating a profitable portfolio that advocates and facilitates fund management for better returns. We achieve this by undertaking a highly disciplined and risk profiling approach built

on extensive research, careful market analysis and market tested experience to meet our client’s needs which further enhance investment decisions for achieving capital and risk efficient portfolios.


We evaluate all the needs of our customers in Financial Investment services as a whole and provide individual investment consultancy services as a result of our personalized analysis. Our experienced investment consultants are able to offer a personalized investment planning proposal by taking into account the investment target, risk-taking

profile, income and expense balance, and asset status of our customers in the future.

Our investment consultants analyse the profile of our investors and prepare financial asset allocation proposals in line with the objectives of our clients.


We provide developers, landlords, and investors a full range of property management services through a professional property services team comprising experienced property managers. Our objective is to handle the day‐to‐ day needs of our client’s properties. A well-managed property will serve as an incentive to the tenants to remain in occupation for longer periods. Accordingly, a good team will also ensure that our clients’ assets are maintained and all costs and revenue are budgeted and accounted for respectively.

Our property management services include:

Property Marketing & Leasing

Preparing & Documenting Lease Agreements

Lease Coordination & Management

Rent Collection & Facility Management



Our client’s projects are diverse and our services cover strategic projects for large blue chip organizations, government parastatals, corporate bodies and individuals.

We have extensive experience of providing a total project management service for all types of building projects, solar power projects, construction and other similar projects.

We pride ourselves in providing a tailored project management service that assists our clients in establishing their options,

defining their project needs and managing project delivery as we become our clients trusted advisor.

We provide high calibre project teams for projects of varying sizes. These range from the appointment of single project managers to the provision of integrated multi-skilled teams. We have an excellent reputation for successfully delivering projects on time, on budget and maintaining required quality standards.


Creating a clear strategy for how your employees support your business goals is a necessity to an organization’s success. We pride ourselves in the administration of effective training programs for our clients’ employees. A key responsibility of any well-structured organization is the effective education of employees and team members on the various aspects of the organization’s operations and also

understanding recent trends and government laws towards improved work processes.

RKK Solarlight Limited provides the training and workshops to drive tactical, sustainable, practical and hands-on skills on the job. We provide practical design solutions and effective training programs that will yield results and make us a strategic partner within the business.


As agricultural goods progress from the field, they require attention, tracking, and integrity. We offer an end to end supply chain range of services that reduce risk, ensure quality, and improve productivity. We are aware that agriculture is one of Nigeria’s most important industries. In this regard, we provide services to ensure consumer safety and quality at every stage of the agricultural process.


An infectious disease outbreak in the workplace of any business environment, besides the obvious dangers to the health of the employees, is also detrimental to the survival of the organization due to loss of customers, profits, and damage to the organization’s reputation.

Disinfection and decontamination services are targeted at eliminating pathogens like bacteria and viruses and help ensure a safe working environment. At RKK Solarlight Limited, we provide bespoke decontamination services to eliminate the risk of contamination and/or infection to our clients’ business and staff/visitors respectively.


We provide professional & reliable office disinfection and decontamination services to stop the outbreak of the Coronavirus at the workplace or home. For ensuring the complete safety of our clients’ workplace, our experienced team members will professionally decontaminate

your building, keeping in mind the touch-point surfaces to stop any potential spread of the Coronavirus throughout your building. This service can be provided periodically to develop a sense of safety and peace of mind among staff and visitors.


Cleaning services form part of our services in RKK Solarlight Limited and it is also an area in which we have displayed expertise and experience over the years. With such vast experience, we have consistently met the general cleaning needs for various sectors in the market (Government parastatals, Oil &

Gas, Health, Malls, Properties, Education, Offices, Airports, Banks, Industries, sports).

We have a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet our clients’ requirements and suited to their operating philosophy. Our services include long and short term contracts.


In line with our facility management service process, we design a flexible and tailor-made facility management solution for our clients to meet the changing needs of their organization, assuring quality facilities services and value for money. We offer a wide range of facility management services to organisations across a variety of sectors. We offer value based services in Facility Management in soft and hard service categories.

Our Soft services comprises of;

• House keeping
• Gardening & Landscaping • Facade cleaning

Our Hard services comprises of;

• Building Management services • Preventive maintenance

• Plumbing, carpentry and civil



As part of our commitment to keeping the environment clean and healthy, we offer fumigation services through our dedicated team of staff.

We take utmost care in acquiring and using environmentally safe products that have both local

and international approval. Our focus is on eliminating pests without causing any adverse effects on people or the environment.

We use the following equipments to aid facility management.


RKK Inspire Services is a full-service & construction company, capable of handling projects of virtually unlimited size and scope.

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